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TFT - Thought Field Therapy (TM)

Thought Field Therapy(TM) is a unique amalgam of Eastern Acupuncture and Western psychology combined with an understanding of the body's electro-magnetism.

In other words, your therapist will provide a treatment "algorithm" based upon the concerns you present (Western psychology), and show you how to stimulate specific treatment points on your body through light tapping (Eastern acupuncture - meridian system) to jump-start your basic internal healing energy (the body's electro-magnetism).

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

EMDR is a wonderful, non-invasive and often short term therapeutic technique which aids in the resolution of trauma, especially recent trauma resulting from sudden injury (accident , for example) or abuse (home robbery, for example).

Like TFT (TM), EMDR supplements allopathic or holistic medical treatment to aid in total recovery.

This unique therapeutic technique stands alone in the vast field of various therapy techniques.

Thought Field Therapy(TM) is:

short term (up to 6 sessions, usually)

focused on a specific event

Effective in  recovering from:

work and/or life stresses

motor vehicle accidents

work related accidents

sports or other injury

fears and anxieties

anger dysfunction

criminal assault

physical abuse

sexual abuse

TFT(TM) supplements medical treatment to aid in holistic recovery.

Therapist works with client to:

What Can You Expect With EMDR?

What Is TFT?