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Do you wonder if you’re going crazy?   
Do you feel too stressed for words?
 Do you want more and just don’t know what to do or how to get there?

You know things are out of balance.  Perhaps your relationships aren’t fulfilling, or you feel sad or blue.  Maybe your stress level is way too high. Or you are beginning to be isolated or feel really alone.  You might have noticed you’re more anxious now, perhaps even more irritated or angry. You know it’s time for change.

But that’s hard.  What do you do?  How do you do it?  What steps? When?   Your desire for something more, something better can easily get lost in the overwhelming whirl of How.  You just might end up feeling dispirited, too confused to continue, lost.  You might not even recognize that person in the mirror.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Whatever your past, you can be more balanced, more centered.  You can dance with life’s stresses and enjoy your relationships with others.  You can appreciate the You in the mirror.

I’m Taen Scherer, a marriage and family therapist.  Since 1989 I have helped many individuals and couples walk their path of healing, moving into their own sense of comfort, ease and balance.  If you want to feel whole – again or for the first time – I’m here to support you.


Therapy Network for Sexual Abuse    Survivors

International Association of EMDR    Therapists

American Association of Marriage and    Family Therapists

WA. Association of Marriage and Family    Therapists

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Education Counts:

M.S. Clinical Psychology: John F.    Kennedy University

B.A. Psychology: Chapman College

Education which augments my over 20 years experience in helping others work through their painful and difficult life problems or questions is a cornerstone of my philosophy. Thus I continually search for the best and most up-to-date information about interpersonal behavior and mental health to better serve you, my client.

As a result I attend advanced training seminars regularly.

Vital Statistics:

You can feel whole again…

“I really got a lot of value out of the work we did together.  It has made my crazy life easier.  Thank you”

  DP, new mom.

“We did it!  Thanks to you not only are we still together,  we look forward to each evening, to coming home.  Yes!”   JK and LP, couple of 7 years

Want to find out if we “click?”  Come, check me out.

Abaninan:  13th century Anglo-Saxon meaning “to uncover, disclose”