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Therapy, psychotherapy or counseling, it doesn't matter what you call it, the focus is to work with you, supporting you in your process of change.

Therapy offers you the chance to have the guidance of a trained professional during your times of stretching beyond previous limits, while you effect positive change in your life.

Through the counseling process individuals and couples are able to explore their personal history, as well as their family history, then examine the relationship between that history and their current life. Therapy also offers an opportunity to practice different and positive ways of relating to yourself and to others.

"Sitting in here, with a hot cup of tea and your warm smile is about the only time I feel safe to just be myself."   - L. K., homemaker/medical professional

I have assisted and supported individuals, couples and families experiencing these various life transitions:

rebuilding communication

new relationship support


abuse recovery

self development

chemical dependency


incest recovery

grief and loss

family violence intervention

adoption (yours or of   another into your family)

sexual identity issues

If you hear a voice within you saying, You are not a painter, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced....-Self-talk quote by Vincent Van Gogh

Your treatment…tailored for you:

Since we are only seeing each other on a weekly basis and I’m assuming you don’t want to spend years and years in counseling, I believe in offering homework.  Your specific homework derives from the gist of our session and is designed to augment and support the awareness and understanding you achieved while in session.  I also offer homework which, in the doing, helps you solidify your new and exciting skill set.


Talking is the mainstay of counseling, but not the only way to go.  In the first session together we shall sketch out a plan of action.  Possible suggested modes of treatment include  EMDR or other energy treatments, communication skill building, visualizations, reality testing, anxiety reduction, behavioural interventions…  I’ll suggest some plans based on what you want and we’ll go from there.

Walk with you on your path of healing:

Generally we will meet weekly.  I am available by phone, email or text most other times.  Should you need input from me, just let me know.  Also, in times of turmoil I shall sometimes suggest contact outside of our regularly scheduled appointment.